Who Benefits?

Fascial Stretching is for EVERYONE!!!
As long you are medically cleared and stable!

Weekend Warriors
Fitness Enthusiasts
Desk Job Junkies
Chronic Commuters
Couch Potato’s
Chronic Pain Sufferers (i.e. Fibromyalgia)
Limited Mobility due to medical conditions (i.e. Parkinson’s)
Members of the "Aging Population"

What are the benefits?

Best of all - It’s PAIN FREE!!!

Aids in re-aligning/re-organizing fascia for improved posture awareness & body symmetry
Aids in relaxation and improves sleep quality
Improves muscle activation for strength building
Aids blood circulation
Relieves joint impingement/compression
Improves balance & proprioception (body awareness) 
Improves flexibility and functional mobility
Impacts speed, performance & recovery
Reduces pain and stress
Reduces Trigger Point pain
Aides in prevention of injuries