I stumbled across a stretch therapist while searching for relief from severe mid back back from an injury I had in college, I had a nearly 500 lb patient fall on top of me during a bed transfer gone wrong.  I knew that my body responded well to stretching and as much as I tried to stretch on my own I just couldn't get on top of the increasing pain. I was fortunate over the years to never had pain from the injury - just stiffness and tightness.  However as time went on, it turned into mild pain - which then turned into severe pain - and then finally the inability to sit or stand for short periods and even preventing me from sleeping through the night.  I had seen many PT’s  and Chiropractors - and the pain was only temporarily relieved - if at all. And being a PTA myself I KNEW all the right and correct ways to stretch, exercise and relieve pain.

After my first session with the stretch therapist - I had no pain and slept through the whole night for the first time in months without sleeping aids.

I inquired more with my stretch therapist and he explained more about the fascial technique used.  I was so impressed by the immediate results, I decided I HAD to become a fascial stretch therapist (FST™) and signed up the next month to begin my journey as a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist.  

I already had over 23 years experience in healthcare and fitness.  I started out as a massage therapist which helped pay my way through college and gave me a good foundation for using my hands in the world of physical therapy and manual therapy.  My thirst for being the best I could be lead me to being a a certified master level personal trainer and a certified senior fitness instructor and a certified nutritionist.  And as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and a PT clinic owner/founder, with all this background, experience, training, mentor-ship by other PT’s and other continuing education I have had, I thought I knew a lot about manual therapy, stretching, the impact of fascia on our bodies, importance of flexibility and its impact on functional mobility, pain management, etc.


It’s visceral.  It’s humbling. It’s engaging. It’s personal.  



So I invite you to: 

(gain flexibility)

(get in touch with your body - either again or for the first time)

(gain greater functional mobility)

Contact us today to find out more and book your session.

Click here for more info on FST™ and the Stretch to Win Institute.

Jeremy Cowin, PTA, CFST L2
Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist