“This technique was surprisingly effective! I saw immediate results in my posture, and release of stress and tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. Jeremy is extremely intuitive and body aware. He was able to detect nuanced issues and target my treatment to specifically address and relieve them. I might just have to do this every week! Thanks Jeremy!!” - DH

“Jeremy is amazing. He is super professional and a pleasure to talk to. Very relaxing - with great music and water sounds in the background. I felt great and slept well for days after the treatment. ”  - SR

“Jeremy, I really appreciate the expertise, attention, and care that you provide so effortlessly. After my first fascia appointment, there was an immediate improvement in the way I felt and moved. I’m already booking my next appointment and telling everyone I know about this. Thank you so much and see you again soon! ”  - Jason S.

“I was fantastically intrigued with the Idea of Jeremy’s Fascial Release Technique. I’m somewhat familiar with the practice & am continually trying new physical optimization protocols. To give FST the challenge it deserved I did two things. I did a ninety minute CrossFit/P90X workout the day before in an effort to get good & sore. Then I booked a sixty minute isolation tank session an hour before my appointment to get nice & pliable. 

Jeremy’s Pro. His studio’s ambiance is lovely & he has what I can only describe as the Lamborghini of massage tables. We talked about any immediate concerns, lingering old injuries & what to expect in the next hour. The session was very interactive. I was told what the next move was beforehand, I was encouraged to breathe through the stretch, we backed off, did a lil’ PNF & addressed the stretch again. We, over the next hour, worked from body part to body part in this fashion & it never became even Shiatsu uncomfortable. My favorite bits were a “hip-pull” release move & the final neck maneuvers (delicious).

I went for a run the next morning. The CrossFit/P90X DOMS had been staved off & I felt loose, tall & powerful. As a Digital Artist I’m forever battling a stiff neck. FST had my neck feeling better than any procedure I’d tried before. Jeremy’s the business & I’ll be going back.”  - Simon Peter Raible President Raible Yell Inc.

Jeremy made me feel very comfortable going into therapy. It was my first time having someone else help me stretch, and he made sure to communicate with me at every step so that I don't overexert myself. Even though I felt a bit sore the next day as if I worked out, my body felt really activated after the therapy. I also think Fascial Stretch Therapy is a great way to be more attentive to your body, because I felt as though I was checking in with my body in detail. It was a very positive experience, and his knowledge of the human body made it easy for me to recommend him to people around me.   - B. K.

Jeremy has worked with me a couple of times so far, and already, because of his treatments, I've had access to more range of motion and freedom from pain in my hip than I've ever had since I can remember. I'm amazed at what he's been able to do with his treatments - he's a true healer!  - B. S.

Jeremy’s work is intuitive, focused, and helped to release old tension that was effecting my body in detrimental ways. It’s amazing how deep the work goes and yet I never felt in pain or strain during our sessions. Jeremy brings a deep knowledge, kindness and caring to his work which brings me back again and again.  - John Sovec

As I've gotten older as a mountain bike racer, skier, and snowboarder, a lot of my injuries are coming back to haunt me, with my IT band on one side a particular problem spot. In fact, it had been waking me up at night. After my first FST session with Jeremy, I had over a week of respite from the pain, something that PT and massage hadn't accomplished. At my initial session, Jeremy ensured that I understood the physiology and mechanics of FST and developed a plan to target some of my problem areas. We had good communication throughout, never going to a point of discomfort, with Jeremy reading my muscles quite well. After my recent week of intense skiing, I need to get into an FST routine now so I can continue to decrease my pain and improve my mobility. I'm excited to see what more Jeremy's FST sessions can do to help my body keep up with my sports! - ALF, Los Angeles

I highly recommend Jeremy, and FST. This was my first session with FST and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I've had many, many massages over the years, some with masseurs who help you help you stretch a muscle or two along the way. But man, this is something completely different. The stretches during my session with Jeremy were amazing. He was stretching parts of my body that I didn’t know could stretch like that. But nothing painful. He was very careful to check in with me on every stretch, asking if there was pain, or whether we could stretch a little more. I got off the table feeling loose, limber and somehow better than when I get off of a masseur’s table. It’s been a couple of days, and I’m still feeling the positive effects. I will definitely be back for another session. - Ralph Fowler

I was given a Fascial Stretch Therapy treatment by Jeremy Cowin and I was amazed at how much better I felt after only one treatment. I have had many forms of physical therapy treatment over the years and found most to be helpful, but only on a very short term basis, and ultimately I stopped using those particular modes of therapy. I decided to have a Fascial Stretch Therapy treatment with Jeremy thinking that I would give one more mode of therapy a try for ongoing back, neck and joint stiffness and pain. After the treatment I felt totally relaxed and no longer felt tightness, stiffness, nor pain in any of my joints, back, neck, or spine.  Based on my previous experiences with several different types of physical therapy I assumed that after a treatment of any kind I would feel this way, but that those pains and stiffness would quickly resurface.  However, the joint stiffness, aches, and pains I was experiencing in my back and neck, as well as my joints did not reoccur after a few days, which I was not expecting.  Jeremy is highly skilled in what he does and makes you feel comfortable and at ease during the entire treatment.  I would definitely recommend Jeremy and his Fascial Stretch Therapy to anyone experiencing mild to extreme pain in their back, neck, joints, muscles, etc.  - Theresa H.