Photo's by Dana Hursey Photography. ©

Photo's by Dana Hursey Photography. ©

What are the benefits?

Fascial stretching is focussed on specific techniques to address fascial / connective tissue restrictions which affect how we move and function. Think of a "net" of sorts that wraps around your entire body.  What happens if this "net" tightens up?  Well, it can cause pain, restriction of movement and loss of function.  With Fascial Stretching, we are freeing up the "net" around your body so your body is less restrictive, allows normalized motion and movement and decreases pain. Fascial Stretch Therapy™ incorporates the principles and techniques of traction, rotation, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and contract / relax to target areas that have fascial / connective tissue restrictions.  You are an active participant with gentle lifting, pushing and pulling which helps you to become more aware of your body and how it responds to specific stretches to help restore functional mobility. 

Best of all - It’s PAIN FREE!!!
And aids, assists and improves the following...

  • re-aligning / re-organizing (re-modeling) of fascia for improved posture awareness & body symmetry

  • relaxation of nervous system and improved sleep quality

  • muscle activation for strength building / conditioning

  • blood circulation

  • joint impingement / compression

  • balance, coordination & proprioception aka: body awareness (neuro re-patterning)

  • flexibility, agility and functional mobility (deeper squats, improve golf swing, pitch / throw, reach, kick, lift)

  • speed, performance enhancement & recovery

  • reduces pain and stress

  • reduces Trigger Point pain

  • prevention of injuries

  • energy

Who Benefits?

Fascial Stretch Therapy is for EVERYONE!!!
As long you are medically cleared and stable!

Weekend Warriors
Fitness Enthusiasts
Desk Job Junkies
Chronic Commuters
Couch Potato’s
Chronic Pain Sufferers (i.e. Fibromyalgia)
Limited Mobility due to medical conditions (i.e. Parkinson’s)
Members of the "Aging Population" / Seniors