Photo's by Dana Hursey Photography. ©

Photo's by Dana Hursey Photography. ©

Jeremy Cowin


Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist - Level 3: Fitness/Medical & Sport Specific

As a health care practitioner for more the 23 years, I pride myself in bringing the best tools available to my clients for their optimal health and fitness regimes.  And now after completing the highest levels of certification, I am now in a small, elite group of fascial stretch specialists / practitioners who have achieved this level of expertise and training.

Fascial Stretch Therapy, or FST™, is THE latest and greatest hands-on manual modality to improve body awareness & alignment, speed & agility, balance & mobility and increase flexibility, decrease pain and improve activities of daily living*. FST™ is considered the highest standard of fascial stretching on the market today and continues to lead the way in training & research.

And best of all FST™ is for anyone cleared for activity and it’s PAIN FREE!!!

The only way to really understand the impact of Fascial Stretch Therapy, is to experience for yourself and FEEL the difference.


It’s visceral.  It’s humbling. It’s engaging. It’s personal.  



So I invite you to: 

(gain flexibility and increase your range of motion)

(get in touch with your body - either again or for the first time)

(gain greater functional mobility and remain / get more active)

I have an extensive background working with the following:

Medical: neurological and orthopedic conditions such as MS, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's Disease, Balance and Movement Disorders, cervicogenic migraines/headaches, vestibular dizziness & peripheral neuropathy; total joint replacements (shoulders, hips and knees), chronic pain, frozen shoulder, scar tissue management, spinal fusions, sciatica, radiculopathy, walking and gait patterns, fibromyalgia;

Professional/Competitive/Recreational: body builders, baseball & hockey players, figure skaters, bicyclists & runners, platform and springboard divers, swimmers, golfers, soccer & tennis players, dancers, downhill skiers, snow boarders, rugby, water polo, weight lifters, sport teams - amateur, pro and high-school; 

Entertainment: actors/actresses & comedians, stunk doubles, singers & rock musicians;

Average Joes & Janes (You?): weekend warriors, couch potatoes, slouchers, gamers, desk-top junkies, commuters, writers, "husky" & "featherweight" body types, seniors / "young at heart", visionaries, artists & thinkers;

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Click here for more info on FST™ and the *Stretch to Win Institute.